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Located in Golden, Colorado, Trailhead CrossFit has been open and conditioning athletes for 5 years.  Through constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity levels, Trailhead CrossFit pushes its athletes to reach elite levels of fitness!  The methodology used at Trailhead CrossFit, defined as broad, general and inclusive, produces unparalleled physical and mental changes through our battle tested programming.  Where the physical and mental meet, you’ll find our athletes walking away stronger in every aspect of their lives!

CrossFit combines elements spanning every area of fitness including, but certainly not limited to, olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning (cardio) and plyometrics.  By pushing through workouts as a group, our members form a strong bond of friendship, sportsmanship and community; pushing you harder and further than you ever have before.  Our athletes workout together, sweat together, bleed together and come out stronger, together, on the other side.  We here at Trailhead CrossFit welcome new athletes with open arms, across any age and ability range.  Because all of our workouts are universally scalable, we not only push, but also help each other along the way.

No matter where you may lie along the fitness continuum, there is no doubt that CrossFit can improve your life. Make a commitment for a healthier and more fit future today!

  • Saturday August 8th, 2015

    Today’s WOD “Kimmy” will be programmed every July 23rd from here forward in memory of Kim Henderson.  Kim was an amazing woman, wife and mother and will be forever missed.  In the coming days we’ll be unveiling a plaque in the gym dedicated as a memorial to Kim, to stay for all time to look over us.  Forever in our hearts.




    For time, Two round of each triplet, finishing with 100 Double Unders:
    Two Rounds:
    15 burpees
    12 deeadlifts, 185/135
    9 front squat, 185/135


    Two rounds:
    30 chest to bar pull ups
    30 shoulder to overhead, 115/80
    30 perfect push ups


    100 double unders




    Kimberly Corbitt Henderson
    June 20, 1964 – July 23, 2015

    Words cannot aptly describe the collective bereavement of the untimely and tragic death of Kimberly (Kim) Henderson, 51, of Golden, Colorado on July 23, 2015. Remembering Kim and grieving her loss are her husband Paul and son Luke, her father, Jim Corbitt, her mother, Patricia (Patty) Corbitt, her brother Bo Corbitt, her stepmother Carol Corbitt, her stepbrothers, Patrick and Michael, and her sister-in-laws, Elizabeth, Maureen and Hannah, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and myriad of friends.

    While it has been said, life is ironic… it takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence, such is not true for those who came to know Kim Henderson. Her presence was valued and celebrated daily by those who knew and loved her. A woman of uncompromising principles and strength, Kim cherished her family and all that life had to offer.

    Spending her early years in Florida, Kim loved the beach and all the joys of the Florida water activities. However, her love of the Colorado Mountains and the abundance of outdoor recreation is unrivaled. An incredibly athletically talented woman, Kim was an avid and beautiful skier, and a CrossFit enthusiast. Kim above all, had a passion and love for, and was a longtime student of aikido and koryu jujutsu. She was formally a licensed instructor of Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu, functioned as the organization’s kanjicho (general secretary) and traveled internationally representing the school. She was currently undergoing advanced level instruction at the headquarters dojo in Evergreen, Colorado. Her love of travel and foreign cultures brought her to Japan where she taught English in her younger years. Her friends and those she touched with the memory of her span the globe. Her crowning achievement, however, was as a mother to her beautiful son Luke and as a wife to her loving husband, Paul.

    Kim loved life, her family, friends and, well, a cold beer. Her energy, enthusiasm and joy are not only what she will be remembered by, but should serve as a coaching session for all of those who knew her. We celebrate Kim and all that she stood for. Gone too soon from our lives, but the memories she gave us are too beautiful to forget.

    All of the movements in this workout as well as the structure of the workout itself is/are something that Kim would have loved.  She was a HUGE fan of heavy barbells, being an incredibly strong woman.  Worked tirelessly on perfecting her push ups and got her very first ever chest to bar pull ups with a beaming smile during the CrossFit Open this year (I know you all know that look and smile when someone accomplishes the unthinkable during the open!)



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