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Welcome to TrailHead CrossFit

Located in Golden, Colorado, Trailhead CrossFit has been open and conditioning athletes for 5 years.  Through constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity levels, Trailhead CrossFit pushes its athletes to reach elite levels of fitness!  The methodology used at Trailhead CrossFit, defined as broad, general and inclusive, produces unparalleled physical and mental changes through our battle tested programming.  Where the physical and mental meet, you’ll find our athletes walking away stronger in every aspect of their lives!

CrossFit combines elements spanning every area of fitness including, but certainly not limited to, olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning (cardio) and plyometrics.  By pushing through workouts as a group, our members form a strong bond of friendship, sportsmanship and community; pushing you harder and further than you ever have before.  Our athletes workout together, sweat together, bleed together and come out stronger, together, on the other side.  We here at Trailhead CrossFit welcome new athletes with open arms, across any age and ability range.  Because all of our workouts are universally scalable, we not only push, but also help each other along the way.

No matter where you may lie along the fitness continuum, there is no doubt that CrossFit can improve your life. Make a commitment for a healthier and more fit future today!

  • 15.3 tips, tricks and updates

    Hey everyone.  First off….15.3…don’t freak out.  If you have the time there is a lot of info here but believe me, it is all worth your time if you’re looking to do well.  I’ve taken some time to lay some things out.  You’ll also notice below my video that I’ve posted several others.  These videos come from HIGHLY RESPECTED experts and should be taken VERY seriously.  These guys have been around the block (especially the outlaw guys) and have produced SEVERAL games athletes.



    15.3 CrossFit Games OPEN Workout.