About Us

About Us

Our mission 
At Trailhead CrossFit, we strive to help our members achieve optimal fitness in a fun, exciting, and safe group setting. We focus on teaching safety and proper technique then crank the music, high-five our friends, and get to work!

Why Trailhead CrossFit

  • Our Coaches – Our experienced coaches are passionate about leading fun, challenging and constantly varied workouts
  • Our Workouts – We program amazing, dynamic workout (scalable for all levels of fitness and experience) designed to make you stronger, better, and faster in every area of fitness.
  • Our Schedule – We offer more classes throughout the day so there will be a class that fits your schedule. Click here for our class schedule.
  • Our Classes – In addition to CrossFit, we also offer Boot Camp classes, Yoga on Sunday and Open Gym.
  • Our Community – We are a community of supportive athletes who encourage one another, get outside of our comfort zones, achieve goals we never imagined achieving, and overcome mental obstacles along the way. Our members are of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. We are diverse, inclusive, and welcoming! 

Our commitment
At Trailhead CrossFit, we believe in the importance of building a strong foundation to support a lifetime of health and fitness. To us, this means focusing on teaching good technique and providing a safe, fun, and supportive environment. We will cheer you on in all your workouts with high-fives, back slaps, and fist-bumps. We will encourage you and celebrate as you succeed in facing your fears and achieving your goals.

Everyone walks in the door with a different level of ability, experience, and goals. We will work with you, starting where you are and together we will unleash your fitness and uncover that version of yourself you've been working toward.

Get Started  
Check out our membership options available for newbies, experienced CrossFitters, weekend-warriors, couch potatoes, and former athletes. We are sure to have a program that matches your needs.

We invite you to browse our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook) to get a sense of the community, diversity in our athletes, and types of workouts you can expect at Trailhead.

*Discounts for Teachers/Students/First Responders/Seniors and Military.